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Kitesurf – this incredible feeling of jumping and gliding on the water, an absolute trend sport that is easy to learn in a short time and with a very fast evolution you can perform incredible maneuvers the fun is guaranteed with this magnificent sport.

You’ll be surprised from the first minute!

From the Algarve to Boa Vista you will always find in a place that offers you the best wind conditions and unforgettable kite sessions, whatever your level.


Kitesurf Level 1 - Initiation

Introduction to Kitesurfing; know how to assemble and disassemble the kite; know how to use the safety of the kite and understand the procedures on land and in water; to understand the operation of the Wind Window and the kite flight in any window; have the main notions / safety rules (how the wind works, aerodynamics, meteorology and its characteristics and conditions); know how to land and lift the kite ashore with assistance. In the end the school passes an IKO certificate, with the level acquired.

Kitesurf Level 2 - Bodydrag

Master the techniques of Body drag. To be drawn by the kite into water, in a way controlled, without board) controlling the strength of the kite, the position of the body and the direction of the even, controlling the strength of the kite with one and two hands, feeling the strength in the harness; master re-launch of water kite of various shapes possible; do downwind in water in body drag; knowing to change direction in water; learn and practice self-rescue in water; master the kite in body drag with the board in hand; perceive the de-power system and how to tune it; perceive the whole system of the lines and how it works; know the Security Rules. In the end the school passes an IKO certificate, with the level acquired.

Kitesurf Level 3 - Independent

Initiation to the board; know how to position the body and board for the first starts; get up and keep on navigating, moving the kite and controlling its strength and direction; knowing the navigation rules and priorities within out of the water; first starts on the board in both directions know the Safety Rules and know how to avoid incidents in and out of water; know the equipment and ideal conditions to navigate. In the end the school passes an IKO certificate, with the level acquired.

Kitesurf Level 4 - Advanced

Initiation to kite navigation and control techniques to catch and accelerate on the board; technique to improve the posture on the board; upwind and downwind techniques; technique for turning in progress and first maneuvers In the end, the school passes an IKO certificate, with the level acquired in the course.



We accompany you in everything you want to learn and improve, e.g. turning, transition, jumps, backroll, frontroll, kiteloop.


We are experts in teaching freestyle and wave surf do your first wave or do the trick you’ve always dreamed like jumps, backroll, frontroll and much more.

Kite Foiling

The new riding technique works perfectly in light winds now you can ride and fly with the help of a wing that lifts the board out of the water and riding over the sea.


Group Lessons

Max 4 students with 1 instructor using 2 kites (always share equipment).

Couple Lessons

Max 2 students with 1 instructor using 1 kite (always share equipment).



Semi Private Lessons

2 students with 1 instructor using 2 kites. (Most popular lesson pack)


Private Lessons

1 student with 1 instructor using 1 kite.  (Just you and the instructor)



Certified Instructors : Our kite students are coached by the patient, multilingual and well-trained and certified kite instructors.

Equipment: In all courses the material (Kite and board ) as well as harness, suit, life jacket and shoes are included.


We offers children and teenagers to learn to kitesurf at an adapted pace and in proper conditions, with fitted equipment. Our school will pick weather conditions, learning spot and gear accordingly to their smaller and lighter frames, allowing them to learn in perfect conditions!

“What is the right age for my kid to learn to kitesurf?”

Actually, there is no age limit in learning how to fly a kite, but if we want to provide a more accurate answer we should take in concern more the weight than the age, 30 kgs (65lbs) is the minimum weight at which a child can start kitesurfing

We find that kids five to six years old can learn to fly small trainer kites on land, but there isn’t a general rule when they are mastering the sport very well, as this depends on their physical condition, maturity and experiences.


NEW! In order to give our students even more security and even better training with the best possible learning success, our certified instructors train you with Bb Talkin. As a student, you get your own Bluetooth headset that is integrated in the helmet and can not only understand the teacher better and more clearly, but also communicate directly with him. And due to the Bluetooth technology, the transmission is clear. 


We have the latest range of Cabrinha kiteboarding equipment in all centers you can rent a freeride or freestyle twintip board or if you prefer strapless or foiling the kites you can choose from a freeride model, frestyle, wave or foil no matter your taste or style we have the full range.

We have all kind of accessories available harness, wetsuits, shoes, life jackets, impact vests, helmets etc.  always up-to-date and are from partner DAKINE.

Rent your kitesurfing equipment for sure you will find a system that suits your need we have rental for consecutive and non-consecutive hours and days, windsurfing combo, kitesurfing and wingfoil until rental for the whole season.

If you want to book in advance and book the equipment you want, you can book at least 3 days in a row (or more), or you can opt for flex booking that lets you choose the days you want to be on the water (e.g. 10 in 14 days).

In the rental of equipment you can rely 100% on our surveillance and rescue services and have a relaxed session we will put you on a safety list when you enter the water and from there our team will keep an eye on you. Two to three boats are available at each station for your rescue.


Families with children up to 3 years of age can take turns sharing equipment at no extra charge. If you would like to share equipment with your partner, we offer you a partner tariff for plus 25% on the regular price.
By the way, we offer children up to and including 15 years of age 30% off the rental of kite, windsurf or wingfoil equipment.


Storage is a perfect system for anyone who wants to travel with their own equipment our team will give you the rules of safety and information about each spot, the rescue service is included will be part of our safety list and will be observed by our lookouts whenever they enter the water.

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